Outings with My Dear

Always forgot to blog on the cafés we went and also a bit lazy too. Lol… 😝😝😝

Below are some of the cafe we went.



We order a waffle ice cream (can’t remember the flavor) and a blackcurrant orange tea. I love the tea very much. It different from other tea, normally if you go café is either normal tea or lemon tea but no orange tea. This is the innovative of the café. The combination of the tea, blackcurrant and orange make the taste a refreshing sweetness. I’m already missing it. [saliva dripping]

128 Toa Payoh Lorong 1
Singapore 310128



We order waffle ice cream (my dear’s fav), a Chinese orange tart, latte and coke. Hmm… To me it’s ok, but my dear say the waffle is crispy but to me no difference from other café that I’ve went to.

212 Hougang St 21
Singapore 530212



Yeah!!! Back again at Marmalade Toast. This time round with my dear, wanna bring him to try the lemon tart my fav now is also his fav too. Lol…
We order the lemon tart, lemon meringue sponge cake, latte and ice peppermint tea. Lemon tart still the same as my previous visit, never fail me. Definitely will sure come back again, even he also say that. Lemon meringue sponge cake, at first glance we though was durian but it wasn’t. It’s lemon. The spike doesn’t taste like cream. Dear say taste like marshmallow, but I don’t think so.. Just couldn’t figure out what it is. Same as lemon tart not too sour, it’s a kind of refreshing sour but compare to the tart, the tart win. Lol… Peppermint tea, my dear love it too. But he still hope to try other drinks.

#02-11 Ngee Ann City
391 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238872


Birthday Date with My Love – 14.06.14

My 1st birthday celebration with him. He been very secretive on the celebration. The only hint he told me is high high up. Lol.. Went to ask around, n guess what, my colleague guess correctly. It’s at Mount Faber.

Though the restaurant is a bit distance from the car park, but enjoy walking hand in hand with him, and wish the distance will never end.

The seat that we sited is far from the window, but we are able to enjoy the nice view.



We order a lychee drink, fried salmon, grilled pok rib n 2 scoop of ice cream.




I love the sauce of the pork rib. It’s sweet taste is like ours romance. And the pork rib is tender not very hard to bite. Unlike the other place we went, the chicken was overcook till the meat went too hard to bite.

The salmon came with sour sauce, the sour sauce taste just nice not too sour. It help in a way as an appetizer and it’s quite refreshing.

The lychee drink… Hmm… Not my cup of tea… Hahaha…

Service wise.. we request 1 warm and 1 cold plain water, but it seem to take forever to come. Maybe is because they having an event and there’s not enough waitresses and waiters.

Overall, I quite like the food and will definitely come again if there’s a car. Lol… 😜

After dinner, we went for a cable ride and a movie to end the day.



Dear, I love the celebration, love gift and most importantly I love you.

Spuds & Aprons
109 Mount Faber Road
Level 2
Singapore 099203

BFF Outing – 17.05.14

An other gals outing, hi-teaing and selfie session.

This time round we went to Maple & Market to try the dessert. Overall we only spend $36 for 3 drinks, 2 cakes n a waffle ice cream.

When we first step in, it’s full house. Can you imagine how popular the cafe is?

Maple & Market is located at Blk 34 Cassia Crescent, in the middle of Dakota and Mountbatten MRT.



The interior decor come with oldish dinning table, oldish sawing machine convert to table, wooden bookshelf and a long counter with an array of variety of cakes and pies.



Order an ice latte, though I’ve the urge to try strawberry green tea. Lol.. Coz I think coffee goes well with cakes. When at the counter trying to order the cakes, we were tempted by all of them and not sure which to try. Lol.. In the end, we order a tiramisu and SY order a hot chocolate while we wait for our late queen, SH.



Ice latte is ok nothing special or awful. Tiramisu, hmm.. SY comment nice and is refreshing but she still prefer the lemon tart from Marmalade Toast. I totally agree. The cake taste a bit dry, perhaps it’s just don’t suits me. I still prefer the cake and tarts from Marmalade Toast.

After finishing our tiramisu, our dear queen came. Her order was strawberry shortcake and a hot chocolate.


Just from the appearance of it, you won’t wanna eat it coz it’s too pretty. OMG!!! I try a bit of it, I still prefer Marmalade Toast. Lol… SH prefer cakes from Paris Baguette and the lemon tart from Marmalade Toast. Lol…

Here come our last order, our most tempted dessert of the day – waffle with a scoop of chocolate ice cream.

When I’ve the first bite of it is, OMG how can it be so nice. Came the same thing from both of them too. It’s definitely a must try if you here at Maple & Market. The waffle is crispy together with the chocolate ice cream is a wow wow.. I just can’t get enough of it. Lol..

Conclusion, if you wanna have waffle ice cream for dessert, this is the place you must come, if not you be regretting. Lol..

BFF outing 26.04.14

A day starting with kboxing at Cineleisure in the morning, as early as 11am. But only I reach there on time, 1 facial (siying) late, the other overslept (xiu hui) late too. Haiz.. All alone in the room waiting, what to do? Let play Jay Chou’s songs while having my brunch.




Both reach around 12 noon, and guess what both make a joke. Lol. Siying went out to look at the menu to order her brunch and helping xiu hui to order too. While she trying to text xiu hui what she want, our dear xiu hui came and all her mind think off is room 28 and didn’t realise siying is there. Lol.. The counter guy ask xiuhui room number, she say 28. Siying just thought this room sound familiar. Counter guy ask xiuhui is this gal (siying) her friend. She happily reply no. Lol.. What a joke of the day.

After singing session, we went for our tea. Suppose to go Paris Baguette, but full house. So I suggested to try new place.

We went to search for Marmalade Toast at Ngee Ann City. We search for quite a long while before we found it. We still thought it close shop. Lol..

It hide at a hidden corner of Ngee Ann City on 2nd floor. Though it is at such a seclude place, the cafe is almost full house. Lucky us, manage to get a seat.


We order 2 hot chocolate ($5.50 each), a latte ($5), a lemon tart ($5.50), and a chocolate truff slice ($6.50). Total cost only $28. It’s much cheaper than Paris Baguette.


The lemon tart before eating, I thought I will be very sour coz it’s lemon. But surprisingly it not very, just a bit sour yet refreshing taste. You just couldn’t stop, abit addicted. It also act as our appetizer before we try the chocolate truff slice. Lol..


My latte.. Nice too. Other places latte, I will still need to add abit of sweetener. But not here. It’s absolutely perfect for me.


The final 1, chocolate truff slice. OMG is the only word to describe the cake. The cake damn soft and smooth. It’s so unlike those I’ve eaten before. Not only it is soft and smooth, it don’t taste very sweet till you tired of it.


Will definitely come back again for the coffee and everything. Lol…

After our tea, I made a move to collect my thumb drive I bought on Qoo10. Bought it at $5.50 for 8Gb, guess how much the retail selling. It twice as much as I paid for mine.


After a long day, it’s time to head home to rest. 😊

20 Over Years of Duck Rice

A place where I patronize for the past 20 over years. Their duck rice is the best so far compare to others that I’ve tried.

The skin of the roast duck is crispy (mum say, coz I don’t eat skin). I like basically everything. Their rice is unlike others, there’s a bit of taste (salt is added in their rice when cooking). The duck meat taste just nice, it’s different from others. Other places, their duck taste very plain. I love it when they put the dark soya sauce to complete everything.

The price is quite reasonable just $3. Nothing to complain.

It is located at 681 Hougang Ave 8.

Must try!!!



Girl’s Saturday

Went out with my BFF yesterday, suppose to catch a movie “In Secret”.


Ended up we went to buy shoes and have a nice dessert time.

We bought the same design of shoes at Far East Plaza. Guess what, we only got it at $35 for 2 pairs. Each person only pay less than $20. I haven’t try the shoes yet, but she did. She say is very comfy. If you guys are interested can go try it, but I can’t remember the which level the shop located. Lol… 😜

After the small shopping trip, we went for our dessert at Wisma. She that particular dessert cafe (Paris Baguette) have nice and yummy cakes, so we went there to try it.


Strawberry shortcake


I order a cup of cappuccino, for her I’m not sure. But I forgot to take a photo of our drinks. Omg..
The tiramisu that I chosen seem to melt in my mouth. 👍 It’s not too sweet either, which is just nice for me. I didn’t try her strawberry shortcake, so couldn’t comment much. But I really love the cake and cappuccino.
Price wise, for 2 cakes and 2 drinks, it’s about $30. A bit expensive, but it’s quite worth it.

Decor wise, I like the design of the chairs. It’s very english feel. But the only thing I don’t like is that the space is a bit to small causing the feel to be squeeze, and there are many people, causing us not able to say what we wanna say. In the end, we gonna leave the place and move to BK at NEX to continue our topic. Lol..

Overall, Paris Baguette is a nice place to have your dessert.

Morning Brunch at Lola’s Cafe on a White’s Day

Before going there done a bit of research on where have nice brunch. In the end chosen Lola’s Cafe coz of it’s distance not far from our house.

Lola’s Cafe is located along Simon Road, about 5 min walk from Kovan MRT.

When we enter the cafe, we were greeted by a friendly waitress. Next is the interior design that caught our attention.




The place that we were seated, the table was make from the old sewing machine. Too bad.. We didn’t take the photo of it.

Looking thru at the menu, Jack commented no picture how to order. For those who like to order food using picture, too bad they don’t have. Finally we place the order without letting him decide. Lol… While waiting for the order, my 2 cute friends took a picture of the frog vomiting. Lol..


Here come the food…

Cappuccino $5

Latte Single Shot $5

Lola’s Full Monty Breakfast $15

Breakfast Butter Croissant $13

Avocado Eggs Benedict $15

The food taste nice. Our flavor is the Breakfast Butter Croissant. It’s crispy and taste so wonderful. Avocado Eggs Benedict was a bit disappointed. The was a bit too much, causing it too be too creamy and 腻. Personally, I like their scramble egg.

Overall, the service is quite good, except for the part on topping up the plain water. Food wise nice and affordable. Each person is about $20, and that’s the reason you be able to see students patronizing the cafe. The ambience is good. Will definitely come back again and recommend my friends too. 😄

Lola’s Cafe
5 Simon Road
Singapore 545893